About Chow-Bryant

Your first question is probably, “Who’s ‘Chow?’” That’s Chris. Bryant is Michael. We chose our agency name for obvious reasons, but mainly because we wanted you to know whose skin is in the game.

When we say, “We have a small team,” it’s really mainly the two of us. We have some partners we work with–people we’ve known for ages and who have skills we can vouch for. We trust all of them enough to watch our cat, and that’s the highest level of trust we have.

Chris(tina) Brady

Image of Chris Brady

Co-Founder | President

Chris began working in marketing before she even graduated in college, thanks to a work-study job that evolved into a copywriting job. Writing eventually turned into search engine optimization (“keywords” and “diction” are pretty similar), which lead to search engine marketing, social media marketing and media planning and buying. It’s all pretty convoluted, really.

When she’s not working, Chris enjoys nail art, long walks through video game dungeons and eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls. You can take the broke college kid out of college, but you can’t force her to grow up.

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant | Vice President

Co-Founder | Vice President

Michael has done a little bit of everything. A former touring musician, he left that world to start his own musical instrument repair business. Due to his abilities as a marketer, he quickly became busier than he could handle and realized that his skills would be better used in a formal marketing job. The rest is history and a preternatural ability to get ahead of search algorithm changes.

When Michael isn’t working, there’s a good chance he’s playing the latest Forza game. Turn10 Studios, if you’re reading this, Michael would seriously like to work with you guys. Car guys, if you’re reading this, there’s not a complex concept Michael can’t turn into a car analogy.