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No. This is the worst decision that could be made for where we’re located. Not one day before this, Houston, our home, announced it’s the first major U.S. city to record all known strains of COVID-19. These variants from the UK, South Africa, and Brazil spread more easily. Further, the research is still out regarding whether the available vaccines are as effective against these variants.

Chow-Bryant’s Continuing Virus Response

In light of these facts, our plans have not changed. At Chow-Bryant, we will continue to put our health and the health of our clients first by:

  • Following CDC and WHO guidelines
  • Limiting our exposure to the virus by operating remotely and avoiding in-person events and meetings
  • Using masks until 80% of the population (considered the threshold for herd immunity) has been vaccinated
  • Maintaining excellent notes on all client accounts and activities so that, should one of us fall ill, business continues as usual

We are as hopeful as everyone else that life can go back to normal soon. As a company that bases its decisions on facts and evidence, though, we are unwilling to potentially expose anyone to a deadly virus. One of our founders has already had several family members fall ill, and, further, lost someone last year to COVID-19. The speed at which a case can become severe or even deadly is extremely troubling. We urge everyone to exercise caution. As Dr. Fauci said at this time last year, “If you think you’re overreacting, you’re probably doing the right thing.”

negative keyword list of covid-19 terms

Every PPC Manager Must Filter Out Covid-19 Keywords

So you’re a PPC manager, you’re sheltered in place, you can work from home, and you want to help in the race to flatten the curve. FILTER YOUR GOOGLE ADS CAMPAIGNS FOR CORONAVIRUS-RELATED TERMS. This is a small thing on an individual level, but in aggregate this can make a huge change in the auctions for people who desperately need it. If you want to know why this will help, otherwise check out the list of suggested negative pandemic keywords.

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If we’re being honest, all marketing boils down to stats and probability. Who will buy your product? You’re likely to use demographics and behavioral indicators–stats. Need to increase leads? Use data from previous successful campaigns to increase the probability of action. Hiring a new person for the team? You’re looking at stats again.

In my head, it all comes down to character sheets and gear. A tool–say your CRM–is gear. You and your campaign have character sheets. You’re stronger in some areas than others. Potential customers have character sheets in the form of targeting parameters. They, too, have strengths and weaknesses.

So why am I pushing Dungeons & Dragons to a bunch of professionals? For starters, you can gain a better understanding of stats and probability. But if you examine D&D more, there’s the opportunity to better understand how you affect the world around you.

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Communicating Marketing Goals is Tough to Do

Picture yourself in a meeting with a marketing agency. It’s that time in the meeting. The one everyone dreads. The one where everyone dances around the topic like desperate kids at prom.

“Let’s talk about your goals.”

As a long-time marketer, this is usually where my internal monologue goes nuts. Someone will talk about creative before anyone knows what we’re trying to do. Another team member agrees to a plan without knowing what the plan is. At this point, no one has mentioned any goals. They’re talking about what it will feel like to be successful, but they haven’t figured out how to get there.

It’s time we marketers stop trying to fancy things up and start leveling with you. We can’t make you happy if we don’t know what will make you happy.

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Eagle Ford Map Overlay With Distribution Network for Geotargeting

In digital marketing, we run campaigns with geotargeting for specific areas. It’s easy-as-pie to target places like New York City or a five-mile radius around Dodger Stadium. What becomes more difficult, though, is geotargeting vaguer “places.” Food truck service areas, land formations, and neighborhoods are pretty common requests. How can you make sure that you’re as accurate as possible when your location is variable? Research, of course!

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Google Data Retention Controls

Google’s New Data Retention Controls GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018. As of this writing, companies only have 44 days left to bring their marketing, data retention, data storage, and emergency response plans into compliance. At, Chow-Bryant, we’ve been working tirelessly to make sure all of our services are in compliance with GDPR. […]

Setup Event Tracking Tags in GTM

What is Event Tracking?

Event tracking is a form of conversion tracking that tracks user interactions with a website or app. You can think of an event as any user action that can be tracked and recorded independently of a simple page load. Some common events that marketers track include downloads, video plays, and button clicks. Most event tracking systems can be divided into three parts: event listeners, tags, and collection tools. There are a lot of event tracking, tag management, and analytics tools to choose from. I personally recommend Google Tag Manager because it’s the most cost-effective and accessible option for most brands. In this guide I’ll show you how to use GTM to start tracking events on your website.

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Over the past decade, digital marketing pushed brands towards increasingly aggressive tactics. One such tactic was automatic opt-in. I used to just see these opt-ins for newsletters, but, more recently, I’m seeing this used for sales and add-ons. I assume these marketers want to get more active users, a more engaged audience, and more sales. But in my experience the ends don’t justify the means–in fact, this method isn’t even that effective. In 2017, marketers need to ask, “Is an automatic opt-in the best tactic for my clients?”

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hurricane harvey

We just completed our hurricane prep checklist. Our equipment and data is secure. As we find ourselves in the path of an approaching hurricane, we want to take a moment to inform you about our proactive measures to ensure everyone’s safety. As a result, we will be temporarily closing our business to prepare for the impending storm.

Just so you know, over the next 6 days, it is very likely Houston will flood. Hopefully, it won’t be anything too serious, but we have to prepare for the worst. During this time, Chow-Bryant recommends reaching us by email or social media. We will respond as quickly as the situation allows.

The decision to close our business temporarily was not made lightly. We understand the inconveniences this may cause, but your safety is our top priority. By taking this step, we are ensuring that our team members can focus on securing their homes and families while also enabling our customers and partners to take necessary precautions. Once the storm has passed and it is safe to do so, we will assess the situation and make a decision about reopening based on local authorities’ guidance and the overall safety of our team and community.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this temporary closure. Your safety is at the forefront of our minds as we navigate through this challenging situation. Our thoughts are with all those who may be affected by the hurricane, and we look forward to serving you again once it is safe to do so. Please stay safe, follow local authorities’ instructions, and take all necessary precautions to protect yourselves and your loved ones.