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How to Control Data Retention in Google Analytics for GDPR

Google Data Retention Controls

Google’s New Data Retention Controls

GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018. As of this writing, companies only have 44 days left to bring their marketing, data retention, data storage, and emergency response plans into compliance. At, Chow-Bryant, we’ve been working tirelessly to make sure all of our services are in compliance with GDPR. Throughout the process we’ve been looking for a reliable analytics provider that takes GDPR seriously. To be fair, every major analytics provider has promised solutions, but so far none have emerged.

That all changed, today. Google just announced a new feature for controlling how long user and event data is stored in a property. We’re hopeful this is just the first new feature Google will introduce to help marketers control how customer data is stored and for how long. This isn’t a catchall solution for GDPR compliance, but it’s an important component.

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Spoopy Ghost Referrals are Haunting Your Analytics Data

Famous Ghost Referrals - The Ghost of Floating Share Buttons

Are ghost referrals haunting your analytics data? Are spam referrers causing you to miscalculate the performance of your referral traffic? Fear not, for you are not alone. If you’re tracking your website traffic with an analytics tool, you are pretty much guaranteed to end up with spammy/fake traffic in your monthly analytics reports. In this article we’ll learn more about ghost referrals, how they affect your analytics data, and how to filter spam traffic out of your analytics data and monthly reports. Read more