Analytics & Tracking

A strong analytics strategy is the foundation for an effective advertising campaign. Our analytics services are designed to help you discover what makes your customers tick, what motivates them, and how to optimize your site to capture more leads at a lower cost-per-acquisition. We tailor all of our analytics strategies to address your business’s needs. Whether you’re trying to expand your brand’s audience, increase lead volume, or discover ways to optimize your website’s conversion funnel, we can help your business accomplish its goals.

In addition to analytics, we also offer specialized services for ad tracking and conversion tracking. We can help you learn more about your target audience’s interests as well as how your off-site content drives visitors to your website. We can even help you find out exactly which ad is driving phone calls to your business. Our multi-channel attribution models reveal which advertising channels bring in new users, assist in producing sales, or even drive users to your social media profiles.

Website Performance Analysis & Conversion Optimization

At Chow-Bryant, we specialize in taking big data, and refining it into actionable intelligence. We’re Google Certified Analytics Professionals, and stay on the cutting edge of analytics, business intelligence software, and attribution analysis. In addition, we’re also familiar with other business intelligence software and analytics suites, including Adobe SiteCatalyst, Tableau, Domo, and more. In a nutshell, we have all the tools your brand needs to discover new strategies to improve user experience on your website, craft a winning internal linking strategy, and optimizing your conversion funnels. Learn more about our analytics and tracking services below.

Conversion Optimization

When visitors find your website, read a few pages, and purchase a product or fill out a contact form, then you have a conversion funnel on your website. Our conversion funnel optimization service helps your brand optimize your conversion funnel. This helps your website retain leads and reduce drop-offs from visitors before they have a chance to make a purchase. The end results are more efficient campaigns, reduced cost-per-acquisition, and high conversion rates.

Custom Analytics

Chow-Bryant offers a full-range of analytics services including cross-domain tracking, advanced multi-domain tracking, and roll-up reporting. We go beyond where other agencies stop. If your brand manages a portfolio of domains or websites for multiple languages/regions, we can help you discover how employees and customers travel between your web properties, and which domains return the most value. Learn more.

Call Tracking

For your business to be successful, you need more than just information about website visitors. What’s driving phone calls to your site–your advertising or content campaigns? Our call tracking service help you learn exactly which article or advertisement is driving users to your site. We can even analyze the quality of your phone leads to ensure your campaign is driving qualified leads, not just junk traffic.

Data Cleansing

The internet is full of spam, but that doesn’t mean your analytics reports have to follow suit. You may not even know your reports are inaccurate, but could be cutting budgets on valuable advertising channels because of inaccurate or polluted analytics data. Our spam removal service can help you remove junk traffic from your analytics data so you can be sure you have the real picture. At Chow-Bryant, our goal is deliver clean, refined analytics data without the noise.

Live A/B Testing

A brand website is never really complete-a healthy site grows and evolves over time. But how do you make the right decisions as you expand your site? Our multi-variate testing service helps you develop your content in the right direction. We can also help you analyze and compare how your different ads perform. Whether you need to test messaging or how your ad creative performs, we’re ready to help you accomplish your goals.

Tag Management

If your business is using a multi-channel advertising strategy, it’s vital you track campaign performance and conversion metrics. Most advertising platforms have conversion tracking, but don’t offer much support installing and managing multiple tracking codes. Our tag management service helps keep your tracking codes and conversion data organized. We can even help you customize how your tracking codes and tags perform with custom rules and conditions.