Media Buying in Houston, Texas

What is Media Buying?

Media Buying is the process of using a client-approved media plan to purchase an advertising placement from a media company, publisher, website, or ad network. While this sounds simple, outsourcing your media buying to Chow-Bryant is a sound investment for many businesses due to two major factors:

  1. We offer troubleshooting from folks specialized in the advertising best practices, including technical specs for digital media placements.
  2. We give monthly reporting and analysis that cover your entire campaign and allow you to adjust your budget so it’s used as efficiently as possible.

Media Buying from Chow-Bryant is a way of simplifying and streamlining your marketing workflow.

Does My Business Need Media Buying?

If you already have a media plan that indicates the who, when, and where of your advertising campaign, then you’re ready for Media Buying.

At Chow-Bryant, we use your approved media plan to purchase advertising placements. We then monitor to ensure that delivery measurements meet our agreed-to standards. We meticulously document the whole process, allowing you to audit our work at any time. It’s our policy to make recommendations and empower you to decide how to use those recommendations.

Additionally, our Media Buying services include monthly reporting and analysis so that you have the information needed to adjust your media plan.

How Do Media Buys Work?

Media Buying from Chow-Bryant is a different affair than you find with most other advertising agencies. First, while we specialize in digital media advertising, we can execute on traditional media campaigns, as well. This includes content marketing, out-of-house (billboard), print, and other forms of traditional media. Secondly, we make sure that our clients own their accounts with publishers.

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Media Buys Different?

We charge for management fees and hours only, and we do not accept pass-through funds for media placements. This means our clients are involved in their projects, and they have more control over budget allocation and advertising strategy. And that is really what we want Chow-Bryant clients to have: The ability to ask informed questions and give feedback. If it holds our feet to a fire, it’s just more incentive for us to be as effective as possible.

Start Your Media Buying Service

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