Media Planning in Houston, Texas

What is Media Planning?

Media planning, simply put, is advertising to a specific audience using logic, audience reporting, and other metrics to determine when and where to run your ads. This can include all forms of media, from out-of-house (billboards) and print to digital placements, including banner ads, video ads, and content marketing. At Chow-Bryant, while we specialize in digital advertising, we also have the capabilities to accommodate traditional media needs.

Media placements are great for boosting branding and awareness, especially when used in conjunction with one of the following situations

  • A new or rebranded product/service
  • An event or interactive promotion
  • A crowded market in which your brand needs to rise above the noise of competitors

If you have one of these situations coming up, contact us.

Does My Business Need a Media Plan?

To be frank, not every business will benefit from a media plan. If you know who, where, and when you want to advertise, you may want to contact us about Media Buying. If, however, you are not sure who your best audience is, where you can reach them, and when it is best to reach them, Media Planning is a service your business may benefit from.

What’s Included in a Media Plan?

A basic media plan both indicates and is informed by your audience, your placements, and the times during which your campaign runs. More robust ones will also advise on ad sizes, messaging, and adjustments that can be made based on KPIs.

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Media Planning Different?

At Chow-Bryant, we specialize in giving our clients the most robust, cost-effective media plans possible. In some cases, this means focusing on network buys to stretch budget; in others, we may use a programmatic network to more precisely target our client’s most likely customers waiting to happen. While we tend to avoid more costly placements—print ads, placement buyouts, etc.—we work with your parameters, needs, and data.

Start Your Media Planning Service

If you’re ready to get started with digital display media planning, or, indeed, search marketing, traditional media planning, or content marketing, get in touch with us. We’re happy to guide you toward your most optimal advertising solution.

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