Multiple Bid Adjustment Calculator for PPC

for use with Google Ads

Bid adjustments are an important part of a successful PPC campaign. Managing all of these bid adjustments is tricky and at times confusing. On most platforms, multiple bid adjustments are multiplied together. However, some bid adjustments like device and location work differently.

For instance, Google Ads does not multiply device and location bid adjustments. Instead, the highest device or location bid adjustment is selected and multiplied against the other adjustments. Although this makes it easier to manage location bid adjustments, it makes it a little harder to calculate your final CPCs at auction.

As a result, we created a multiple bid adjustment calculator. This calculator helps us quickly calculate how multiple adjustments will affect our final bids on Google Ads. This gives us more control over our campaigns, and speeds up the process of configuring our own bidding technology. Try it out for your own campaigns.