Organic Social Media Marketing in Houston, TX

Organic Social Media Strategy

By now, we all know about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media platforms. They are our frequently visited sites as well as apps on our phones. We know that our brands need to be active on social media platforms. What we do not always know, though, is who is talking about our brands and how to reach them.

Many companies go into social media simply knowing that Facebook is a thing a lot of people are on. The assumption is that, if your business is there, then you will naturally gain customers from the platform. The truth, though, is different platforms have different purposes and audiences. Without first having a plan for how to reach your audience and prospective customers, you may end up reaching the wrong people.

Does My Business Need Social Media Strategy?

In a word, yes. While there are a few large companies that can simply exist and have people talking about them, most businesses will not experience this without planning. At Chow-Bryant, our social media services go past simple account management, content calendars and reporting.

We start by researching your existing audience and figuring out where they are most likely to be online. Using this information, your goals and data from your website analytics, we create a plan. This covers when and where to post, what to say and what voice to say it in. But we don’t stop there. Month by month, we delve into audience information and post performance to improve and evolve your campaigns.

What Can I Expect from Organic Social Media Marketing?

The days of a brand’s posts going out to everyone who likes their page are, unfortunately, over. On the one hand, this can make it difficult to seed an audience. On the other hand, we no longer need to filter through posts from every company we liked or followed. Because of this algorithmic, double-edged blade, it is more important than ever that businesses look to social media as a way of interacting with customers. It is a means of maintaining interest and establishing your company as a place that is approachable. Social media is not, overall, something that is likely to result in direct monetary gain.

As a part of a holistic marketing plan, social media fits in nicely as a way of maintaining your relationship with your customers and your community. It is a powerful, always on form of public relations. A good strategy, when coupled with accurate website analytics,  can actively position your brand in front of the people most likely to have interest in your product or service.

Social Media Strategy and/or Management

At Chow-Bryant, we offer both social media strategy and management, and we let you choose whether or not you want both services. If you need help positioning your brand in front of your best customers and advocates online, get in touch with us.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

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