Custom Business Intelligence for Enterprise and Technology Companies

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
-John Wanamaker, American marketing pioneer

But what if you could know where your most and least effective dollars were spent? It’s possible with advanced analytics and a wholistic business intelligence strategy. Simply put, business intelligence is the practice of giving you the data, analysis, and information you need to optimize your business. This means the ability to know what your most effective marketing assets are, redouble those efforts, and see higher returns, more leads, and a busier sales team.

The Business of Optimizing Business

In digital marketing, we often talk about “big data,” “business analysis,” and “data intelligence.” On their own, these are smart-sounding terms, and for many smaller companies, it’s possible to stop at one or two tools. When you’ve entered a growth phase or are part of a large organization with many moving pieces, marketing tools, or stakeholders, though, it pays to have all the facets of a company’s plan factored into your analytics. Business intelligence solutions make it much easier to see where budgets need to be expanded and whether new options are available for testing.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is how Chow-Bryant helps large brands turn big data into actionable insights.  This means processing an entire organization’s data, mining this data for valuable information, and then visualizing findings in a way everyone on a team can understand. We pride ourselves on the custom solutions we’ve developed to help brands overcome analysis paralysis. Whether you need an algorithm to find valuable opportunities in big data sets, help developing a custom data connector, or someone to build sophisticated, real-time reporting dashboards, we have a solution for your brand.

With our business intelligence service, you can answer questions like:

  • How many times is that large oil and gas company in your CRM as a sales prospect?
  • How many times is that office supply place entered as a vendor?
  • How is your invoicing handled with so many iterations of the same company?
  • Can you quickly see how much was sold to that one aerospace client, or is the sales data split over four or five entries?

Service-Based Companies and BI Analysis

If you’re part of a service-based company, it pays to know how many clients a day your sales and support teams can realistically contact. At some point, while the number of contacts goes up, the satisfaction goes down.

  • At what point does the cost to client satisfaction outweighs the benefits of increased sales or service calls?
  • How many leads are too many leads for your team to field?
  • How many places can you team physically visit within a work day?
  • How is traffic affecting your visits to clients?

For service companies, Chow-Bryant works to demystify why your top salesperson is your top salesperson, why people miss appointments, or why a certain day of the week has more incoming calls than others. Further, we strive to find your company’s bottlenecks and unclog them with a combination of analytics data and marketing and advertising tactics.

Tech Companies, Startups, and Marketing Data Analysis

One of the biggest challenges a tech company faces is scaling while ensuring that your investor reports show demonstrable growth. Everything changes quickly, and a month-long data lag can be your worst enemy—especially when you’re in the middle of testing a new SaaS iteration or preparing to go after your next series funding.

Chow-Bryant solves this problem by creating custom investor-facing reports. These reports are interactive and present the state of business in real-time. With a large enough data set we can help you leverage predictive analytics to connect offline events with online behavior. For more information on predictive analytics, contact us.

How Can Business Intelligence Help My Organization?

Many medium-to-large businesses in competitive markets lose potential revenue to incomplete reports or bad data. Some of the most common ways we help companies reduce waste is by cleaning and unifying all of a brand’s data. This includes website analytics, online & offline sales, marketing & advertising performance reports, and customer service data. There’s no reason your team should have to wrestle with multiple logins and dashboards from numerous tools or vendors–we can put all the most important data at your fingertips in clear reports that show you the big picture as well as nuanced details.

De-Silo Your Data

Business intelligence is much more than merely Salesforce implementation or Google Analytics code insertion on a website. It starts there, but for a truly comprehensive view of what your company needs and what it excels at, you need your different marketing tools to talk to each other. We have the know how to de-silo the data on your business tools. This means every department is on the same page, taking your organization from website analytics and sales reports to true business intelligence

Easy-to-Understand, Customized Business Intelligence Reports

If you need to know exactly what marketing initiative drives the most value, or where you can reduce advertising costs in your organization, Chow-Bryant can help. Our business intelligence services include customizable, interactive reports everyone your team can understand (often available in real-time). From investor-facing reports to end-of-life-cycle analysis, our reports quickly and concisely cover the aspects that are most important. We let the data do the talking—no juking of stats, coaxing of numbers, or vanity metrics allowed. When you see your team’s success in a Chow-Bryant report, there’s no question as to whether it’s true. Likewise, if there is room for improvement, while this can be a painful realization, we treat this as an opportunity for improvement.

Start Your Business Intelligence Service

If you’re ready to hand off the task of processing, analyzing, and visualizing your data’s organization, we can help. Contact us to get started today.

For more information on how business intelligence can help you, browse our latest articles on analytics and tracking.

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