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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is how Chow-Bryant helps large brands turn big data into actionable insights.  This means processing an entire organization’s data, mining this data for valuable insights, and then visualizing findings in a way everyone on a team can understand. We pride ourselves on the custom solutions we’ve developed to help brands overcome analysis paralysis. Whether you need an algorithm to find valuable opportunities in big data sets, develop a custom data connector, or build sophisticated real-time reporting dashboards we have a solution for your brand.

Does My Business Need Business Intelligence Services?

Business Intelligence for Enterprise and eCommerce.

Many medium-to-large businesses in competitive markets are losing potential revenue to incomplete reports, and even bad data. Some of the most common ways we help companies reduce waste is by cleaning and unifying all of the brand’s data. This includes website analytics, online & offline sales, marketing & advertising performance reports, and customer service data. There’s no reason your team should have to wrestle with multiple logins and dashboards from numerous tools or vendors–we can put all of the most important data at your fingertips in clear reports that show you the big picture as well as nuanced details.

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Business Intelligence & BI Services Different?

At Chow-Bryant, we develop custom BI technology systems tailored for your organization’s specific needs. We interview all of the key stakeholders in a project to discover what information is important to every team member. Additionally, we collaborate with your leadership team to refine each report so it’s clear for everyone on a project. We make sure you have a clear picture of how your business is performing on a project from cradle-to-grave. The results are real-time reporting dashboards everyone on your team can access and understand. If you need to know exactly what marketing initiative is driving the most value, or where you can reduce advertising costs in your organization, Chow-Bryant can help.

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