How Every PPC Manager Can Help in The Coronavirus Pandemic

negative keyword list of covid-19 terms

Every PPC Manager Must Filter Out Covid-19 Keywords

So you’re a PPC manager, you’re sheltered in place, you can work from home, and you want to help in the race to flatten the curve. FILTER YOUR GOOGLE ADS CAMPAIGNS FOR CORONAVIRUS-RELATED TERMS. This is a small thing on an individual level, but in aggregate this can make a huge change in the auctions for people who desperately need it. If you want to know why this will help, otherwise check out the list of suggested negative pandemic keywords.

How Can Filtering PPC Keywords Help in a Pandemic?

Google ‘s search ads are driven by real-time auctions. The more people bidding on a keyword, the more likely the raw average cost per click rises. This probably isn’t news to anyone. What you may not have considered, though, is how your bids and impressions on irrelevant traffic can drive up prices for other advertisers.

Here’s a quick use-case scenario. A metropolitan hospital needs specialized medical equipment, and, due to how the United States healthcare system is structured, they must find a supplier for this specialized equipment. Normally, this would be a much slower, more deliberate process, but again, these aren’t your average circumstances. As a result, there are staff members frantically searching for alternate vendors for critical equipment. Time matters. There are vendors running ads, and they’re doing their best to make sure everyone can find them so they can get hospitals the equipment they need.

Now enter Joe PPC with a client who offers a product with keywords that overlap with the specialized medical equipment. His product can’t be re-purposed for medical treatment. He isn’t filtering his keywords because he doesn’t even look at the search terms report. His client is well-funded and is running an automated top-of-page bidding strategy. Joe PPC is driving up the cost of everyone’s ads, soaking up impressions, wasting the time of medical professionals, and reducing the mileage on the actual vendors of critical equipment. Joe PPC is a careless jerk. Don’t be Joe PPC.

Filtering Your Campaigns Won’t Hurt Your Campaigns and Can Help Someone Else

Filtering your keywords may not make a huge impact, but PPC managers can help a little by at least de-cluttering the ad network to lower the prices for vendors who are doing their best to serve critical needs. These aren’t companies trying to make a buck–they’re trying to help and lack a sufficient organic presence to show up in a quick Google search. Should they have a strong organic presence? Of course, but again these aren’t normal circumstances, there isn’t time to establish organic rank, and we can discuss SEO some other time. Let’s get the prices down, de-clutter the platform, and start thinking of other creative uses for this platform that can help, even if only a little.

A Quick List of Covid-19/Coronavirus Negative Keywords

Here’s a quick list of keywords related to the Covid-19 Pandemic, including keywords related to medical equipment from the perspective of a hospital or clinic searching for scarce items. If you think of some more keywords that should be on this list, leave a comment on social media (links in the footer)–I’ll do my best to update this list at least once a day. Everyone take care, wash your hands, stay safe, and filter your keywords.

corona virus
surgical mask
doctor mask
face mask
painter mask
dust mask
n95 mask
face shield
face guard
face protector
safety glasses
safety goggles
lab glasses
lab goggles
eye protection
surgical gloves
rubber gloves
latex gloves
nitrile gloves
disposable gloves
medical gloves
rubbing alcohol
isopropyl alcohol
hand sanitizer
ventilator mask
cpap machine
cpap mask
cpap accessory
cpap parts