Digital Media & Advertising in Houston

“What the hell is ‘media’ anyways?” you ask in exasperation. “This Wikipedia article on Media Planning isn’t telling me anything useful.”

Media is the art and science of figuring out when, where and how to place advertising. Choosing where to place ads, though, can be difficult. The choices available for advertising channels and targeting are vast and varied. Where should your ads run? Who should see them? What are they interested in? How often should you advertise to them? How are you measuring your advertising campaign’s success?

It can be a little like Tetris with time and space, and it can get overwhelming.

At Chow-Bryant Marketing, we use logic and experience to give you the best performing campaign while staying within your budget. We work with you to determine what success looks like, and we build toward that. Best of all, we give you choices. Check out the below sections for more info.

Media Planning, Media Buying & Programmatic Advertising