Live Streaming Calculator

for YouTube, Twitch, Beam & other live streaming platforms

Use our live streaming calculator to quickly discover the best settings for your stream. This tool can help you figure out if you have the right internet plan for your stream. Having the right internet plan will help guarantee a high quality experience for your viewers. In addition, you can use this tool to troubleshoot resolution, FPS and bitrate settings for your stream on platforms like YouTube Live,, Beam, Hitbox, and more.

How to Use Our Live Streaming Calculator

There are many variables that affect quality on live streaming platforms. This tool is designed to give you a starting point for your stream settings. We highly recommend experimenting with the maximum settings that your stream will support. Thus, results will vary depending on network, equipment, geographic location and other variables.

Additionally, this tool doesn’t account for motion on a stream. Some games and video content don’t feature a lot of fast movement. As a result, this sort of content requires much less bandwidth compared to a fast-paced game with a lot of animations.

Keep in mind that open live streaming platforms are still relatively new. As a result, your stream settings are likely to be different on each platform. An industry standard for resolution and broadcast may come in the future much like it did for television broadcasting. For now, though, live streamers must experiment with different stream settings to find the optimal setup for their stream and game.

If you’re looking for more information on how to live stream on Twitch specifically, check out our beginner’s technical guide.