Pay Per Click Advertising in Houston, TX

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertising puts ads in front of customers already using search engines like Google and Bing to find information, products, and services related to your industry. PPC ads come in a few varieties, and the most common platforms are Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Unlike printed ads, pay per click advertising can be precisely targeted and tracked. This means more leads and an opportunity to increase sales.

In addition, performance data from paid search campaigns provides valuable marketing insights. A detailed analysis of paid search campaigns can even reveal insights about your best customers, like age, interests, and geographic location. As a result, pay per click advertising can be a valuable part of a lead generation or direct response marketing strategy.

Does My Business Need PPC Ads?

There are a lot of reasons your business might benefit from pay per click advertising, but here are the most common reasons:

  • Still working on SEO – a good search engine optimization campaign takes time. Paid search advertising can help fill in the gaps and give your business an immediate presence in search results. As a result, your business can close sales instead of waiting for your SEO strategy to kick in.
  • Service provider in high competition market – local service providers face stiff competition, and more and more customers use local search and map apps to find businesses. PPC lets you target customers in your service area during normal operating hours. You can even advertise in services like Google Maps.
  • Recapture lost leads – if your business is selling online or needs more form fills, then it’s vital you get the most out of every lead. PPC advertising can target ads to customers that have abandoned shopping carts or didn’t finish filling out a contact form. This means pay per click advertising can target beyond organic search and help recapture lost sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising Agency for Service Providers

If you’re a service provider in a competitive market, paid search can help you efficiently stay top of mind in search. Chow-Bryant can help your business develop an efficient, cost-effective pay per click advertising strategy. Spend less time hassling with marketing dashboards, and more time on the phone with potential customers. Features include:

  • Call tracking
  • Custom geographic targeting
  • Custom scheduling/dayparting
  • Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Ads in Google Maps and local search

PPC Advertising Agency for eCommerce

If your site sells products or services directly on your site, then it’s important to have a steady source of customers to sustain your business. While SEO is vital for an eCommerce site, for many businesses it’s difficult and costly to maintain competitive rankings on every keyword. Chow-Bryant can help your business fill in the gaps of your SEO strategy as well as expand into new niches and product lines. We strive to produce cost-effective campaigns with positive returns. Features include:

  • Income targeting
  • Device category targeting and custom bidding
  • Custom scheduling/bid adjustments
  • eCommerce tracking
  • Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Google Shopping ads

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Pay Per Click Advertising Management Different?

We designed our paid search management service with efficiency and positive returns in mind. We research your business’s industry, keywords, and market trends to find the best competitive edge for your business. Once we’ve developed a strategy, we build custom campaigns that are precisely targeted to your potential customers. Finally, we use a blend of manual analysis and proprietary automation software to discover the optimal keywords, bids, and settings for your business.

At Chow-Bryant, we constantly study market trends, case studies, and analytics data. As a result, we consistently discover new relationships in online search. This allows us to improve our automated systems and reveal the most cost-effective ways to serve PPC ads.

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