Custom Analytics & Conversion Tracking in Houston, Texas

What is Custom Analytics?

Custom Analytics is the discovery and analysis of meaningful information in usage data from all of your online properties and campaigns. Does your company manage a large digital estate and numerous digital campaigns? Custom analytics and conversion tracking helps you answer questions like:

  • What is the best schedule for your advertising campaigns?
  • Are display advertising campaigns producing enough impression-assisted conversions?
  • How do leads from digital campaigns perform once they’re in the company CRM?
  • How many website visitors in key markets signup for your newsletter, but never purchase from your web store?
  • Which advertising campaigns provide click-assisted and impression-assisted conversions for your sales team?

Does My Business Need Custom Analytics & Tracking?

Analytics for Publishers

As a publisher, you’re competing with numerous platforms for a customer’s attention. As a result, you need to know how your publication performs online. Our custom analytics services can help you track readers across devices and sessions. Find out what content brings back the most return users, and which featured articles keep your readers on your site.

Analytics for eCommerce

Profitable eCommerce sites are built on a strong web analytics foundation. You need to know more than just bestsellers in order to succeed. Chow-Bryant’s custom analytics service helps your organization track customers from ad impression-to-checkout. Additionally, we analyze all of your eStore data for products that correlate with up-sells, cart abandons, and paid campaigns. We can even analyze your sales data to find potential product bundles and packages to offer in your next promotion.

Analytics for Enterprise

Today, large organizations need to look beyond just tracking website visits. You need clear, actionable data for your organization to keep pace with the market. Our custom analytics service can help your brand track interactions across your entire portfolio of domains, sub-domains, and 3rd party accounts. In addition, we can integrate Adobe or Google Analytics with your CRM system. If your organization needs the ability to track conversions from cradle to grave, Chow-Bryant can help.

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Custom Analytics Different?

A basic analytics installation is a great start, but at Chow-Bryant we’re committed to offering clear, actionable insights. Our goal is to make sure your organization is empowered by your data, and custom analytics is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your metrics matter. We tailor our reports and dashboards to track the most important information about your business goals. We can even build custom interactive reporting dashboards so your organization can monitor campaign performance in real-time.

Start Your Custom Analytics Service

If your business needs help analyzing and tracking your digital marketing efforts, then Chow-Bryant is ready to help. Contact us to get started today.

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