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What is a Live Stream?

Live streams, also known as live video streaming, has been used for years by the tech and gaming industries to garner attention for their products and events. Though still a newer technology, live streaming services are growing in audience size, number of platforms available and content categories. If you have a business, product, service or event with a visual element to it, you may be ready to try live streaming.

Benefits of Hosting  a Live Stream

Live streams can offer many benefits to you and your business. For instance, if you’re planning an event that has a limited number of available tickets or is difficult to gain entry to, you may consider live streaming your keynote. This is a fairly common practice for the keynote address of many tech conventions. Additionally, depending on the platform you choose to use, your a recording of your live stream may be available to watch online immediately. No more waiting on edits, unless you want them.

Furthermore, live streams are an excellent way of receiving near-instant feedback. Although most platforms will have a nominal delay of 15-30 seconds, they also offer the ability to host a stream-oriented chat. Whether it’s the time-logged likes and comments of Facebook Live or the full-blown chat of Twitch, a live stream can help you find out exactly what the internet thinks within a small window of time.

When incorporated with a robust social media effort, live streams can grow, maintain and help you interact more with your audience and community.

Live Streaming Platforms

Chow-Bryant has first-hand experience with the following platforms:

Great for creative and video game-oriented endeavors, has a robust chat feature as well as temporary recordings (about one week) of each stream. This platform is excellent for reaching the 18-45 male demographic.

Facebook Live and Periscope by Twitter

As an addition to a robust social media strategy, Facebook Live and Periscope offer you the ability to interact with your existing community while also growing it. Facebook Live streaming spreads in a way similar to how a photo is shared–via comments and likes from your followers, their friends and so forth. Periscope, on the other hand, is more location-based. People in your existing community can see your stream, but there is also a map that allows new users to drop in and see what you’re doing.

In both cases, users may elect to receive alerts when you start live streaming.

YouTube Live

With its integration into existing channels, live chat, video recording and all the other features of Youtube, YouTube Live is a robust and varied platform. This is where many businesses will likely find their footing. From live streams of 3-D printers to the International Space Station, the platform has something for everyone. It is especially effective for live streaming panel discussions, which can be hosted using Google Hangouts On Air. These can even be scheduled ahead of time and promoted to your existing community.

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Live Stream Consulting Different?

At Chow-Bryant, live streaming isn’t about polish and poise; it’s about getting to know your community that you built via social media efforts. Can we help you create a professional-looking stream that creates a sense of authority? Sure, but that’s not what live streaming is about. We help you identify the needed equipment and plan out what goes online, all with the goals of making you approachable and to encouraging people to interact with your broadcast.

Get Started with Live Stream Consulting

While there are many other platforms out there,, Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live represent the services most commonly utilized by consumers, most notably Millennials.

If you’re ready to give live streaming a shot, contact us today or check out one of our live streams. We’ll be looking for you in the comments and on Twitter under #ChowBryant.

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