How We Put Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc. Way Ahead in B2B Advertising


Deepwater Corrosion Services is an industry leader in pipeline corrosion control, cathodic engineering, and corrosion engineering consulting. Despite the need for corrosion protection in multiple verticals Deepwater Corrosion Services was faced with industry turnover and declining brand recognition. They needed help reintroducing their brand to younger engineers, breaking into new industries, and refining their presence in international markets. As the creators of I-Rod, Deepwater already had a reputation for expertise, trust, and reliability within the oil and gas industry. But when your MVP product lasts over 25 years, how do you keep your brand top of mind?


In 2015, the price of oil fell drastically, causing the oil and energy markets to shrink. Throughout the industry projects slowed, followed by a drop in website traffic and leads. Despite these setbacks, Deepwater Corrosion Services’ MVP, I-Rod, had become eponymous for corrosion resistant pipe supports. This positioned them as industry leaders in pipeline corrosion control. Their competitors answered with numerous look-alike products made from different materials and appealed to the oil and gas market via pricing alone. I-Rod itself was tested and proven to last over 25 years in the field, but this meant the product was so reliable customers started trusting any product that resembled I-Rod. Due to the unique design of the product, it was not possible to redesign its look to differentiate it from competing products. If something wasn’t done quickly, the competition would beat Deepwater Corrosion Services to sales. This meant Deepwater Corrosion Services needed a strategy that was both swift and efficient.

Action Plan

After thorough industry research and analysis of previous Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Google Ads data, Chow-Bryant’s team realized that Deepwater Corrosion Service’s best available strategy would be to reduce the number of unqualified sales leads in the sales pipeline by optimizing ad targeting. In this way, the company’s sales team could operate more effectively. Using digital display ads, pay-per-click ads, remarketing ads, custom audience modeling, analytics and CRM integration, end-to-end conversion tracking and optimization, and our customized business intelligence reporting, we quickly saw a drastic turnaround in the company’s online presence. This translated handsomely into offline sales.


Unique Sales Opportunities


Revenue from Ads


Return on Ad Spend


Profit Per Sale

  • Responsive Display & Search Ads

    We needed to reach Deepwater Corrosion Service’s potential clients with ads that could appeal to oil and gas industry professionals both in office buildings and in the oil field or offshore on a platform. The ad content needed to be flexible enough to work for multiple use cases.

  • Custom Audience Modeling

    Terminology from the oil and energy industry was key to creating accurate targeting parameters, but due to the overlap between consumer goods and industrial goods, audience behavior and interest targeting was key to sorting good leads from bad.

  • Analytics & Salesforce Data Feed

    After we finished setting up custom event tracking for Deepwater Corrosion Services, we started tracking ad cost per sale and offline conversions. This required building a data feed with custom dimensions and metrics between Salesforce and Google Analytics. When this was in place, we imported lead status and revenue numbers into Google Ads, allowing us to optimize return on ad spend.

  • Multi-Channel Funnel Optimization

    We used Google’s Multi-Channel Funnell Report to examine the value of every digital marketing channel in Deepwater Corrosion Service’s marketing mix, giving us better insight into the research and purchasing behaviors of their client base. Then we incorporated this information into our audience modeling.

  • Real-Time Business Intelligence

    Our real-time BI allows us to better discuss the trends we see across the tools we use without having to sign in and out of 7 different dashboards. This saves everyone involved time and reduces the friction in meetings throughout Deepwater’s and our organizations.

Right Audience. Right Place. Right Context.

When you know more about your audience, where they are in the sales funnel, and what they’re interested in, you’ve jumped a lot of high hurdles. Business to business campaigns are never easy, but they can run more smoothly when reporting tools are integrated and channels inform one another’s targeting and tactics. More importantly, we proved to Deepwater Corrosion Services that all of this can be done while maintaining compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

We’ve come a long way in data feeds, business intelligence, and digital advertising, and we’re always refining our tactics. Our commitment to our clients and their needs is unwavering, and our results speak to our dedication to the puzzle that is digital marketing.

When you’re ready to learn how to get results like this for yourself, let’s talk.