Search Engine Optimization in Houston, Texas

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a form of inbound digital marketing that allows business owners advertise their products and services in organic search results. SEO places your brand in front of customers as they’re searching on popular search engines like Google and Bing.  This process is called “optimizing” a website.

What’s Included in Chow-Bryant’s SEO Service?

  • Site Architecture – we help clean up and improve site architecture so your site is organized by topic, easy to find. This also helps boost rankings for your cornerstone content.
  • On-Page SEO Factors – we analyze your website content for meta data, structured markup, proper use of heading tags, keyword insertion, user experience, and many other factors.
  • Technical SEO – our service makes sure that your content is readable for humans and search engine spiders.
  • Backlink Profile – we build legitimate backlinks designed to drive relevant traffic to your site. This means a smaller number of links, but a higher quality of links.
  • Content Strategy – Chow-Bryant’s search engine optimization service also optimizes your content strategy. We use web analytics, business intelligence software, and other tools to help your brand develop editorial calendars with organic search and referral traffic in mind.
  • Conversion Funnels – ranking a site is one thing, but good rankings are just the first step. Traffic without conversions won’t help your business grow. Our search engine optimization service can help you establish better conversion paths on your website.

Does My Business Need Search Engine Optimization?

If your organization offers goods or services that customers search for online, then you need search engine optimization. There are still some industries that rely on relationship building for their primary source of leads– but even those industries are going through rapid change and integrating digital marketing efforts. If your customers use the internet or smartphones, your brand needs a solid SEO strategy.

SEO for Small Business & Retail Stores (B2C)

Search engine optimization is a popular tactic for small business and retail brands for good reason. Unlike digital advertising, you don’t have to pay by the lead. This means SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy for growing organizations with a limited budget. Chow-Bryant can help your small business or startup establish a strong SEO and content strategy that helps place your content in front of prospective customers, key influencers, or even potential investors.

SEO for eCommerce

When people shop online, are they finding your business or your competitors? Our search optimization service helps leverage the right site architecture and content strategy to make sure customers find your products. We look beyond organic search engines and consider other forms of search engine, such as Amazon. If you need help getting your products to rank in Google Shopping or Amazon’s product search, Chow-Bryant can help.

SEO for Enterprise (B2B)

Enterprise businesses often overlook their search strategy entirely. Our SEO service can help your organization establish its voice and presence in key conversations about your industry. We can also help your team develop a strategy for safeguarding against “copy cats” advertising similar products using your protected search terms.

What Makes Chow-Bryant’s Search Engine Optimization Different?

At Chow-Bryant, we’re committed to quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks and site changes. Today, most search engines have spam filters built into their algorithms. As a result, volume link building and basic changes aren’t enough. In some cases, these tactics can even lead to a penalty from Google.

We started Chow-Bryant in response to these industry changes. Our goal is to offer a high quality digital advertising and marketing services for a fair price. To avoid volume and spam penalties from search engines, we manually build backlinks to ensure the highest authority and trust on your citations. We’re also committed to using proven experts instead of interns. Our team is formally educated and includes professional writers to craft meta data, optimize website content, and develop editorial calendars. Finally, our services are transparent. We make sure our clients can monitor and understand every aspect of their campaigns. Our invoices spell out in plain English when and what services were performed. Further, we design our report content not just with your goals in mind, but also with your feedback welcomed.

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