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How Every PPC Manager Can Help in The Coronavirus Pandemic

So you’re a PPC manager, you’re sheltered in place, can work from home, and want to help in the race to flatten the curve. This is a small thing on an individual level, but in aggregate this can make a huge change in the auctions for people who desperately need it. FILTER YOUR GOOGLE ADS CAMPAIGNS FOR CORONAVIRUS-RELATED TERMS. If you want to know why I believe this will help, otherwise scroll to the bottom for a starter list.

How to Setup Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager

What is Event Tracking? Event tracking is a form of conversion tracking that tracks user interactions with a website or app. You can think of an event as any user action that can be tracked and recorded independently of a simple page load. Some common events that marketers track include downloads, video plays, and button […]

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Equifax and the Wrath of Forced Opt-Ins

Over the past decade, digital marketing pushed brands towards increasingly aggressive tactics. One such tactic was automatic opt-in. I used to just see these opt-ins for newsletters, but, more recently, I’m seeing this used for sales and add-ons. I assume these marketers want to get more active users, a more engaged audience, and more sales. […]

Add Schema Markup to Your Website

What is Schema Markup? Schema markup is a form of structured data that helps search engines understand what’s on a webpage. This markup is a community effort to create a universal vocabulary of tags and categories for the internet. An example of Schema markup in action is the Google Knowledge Graph. These are the cards on […]

How to Fix Suspected Malware in the Enfold Theme for WordPress

Help! My Malware Scanner Says I’ve Been Hacked! If you’re using the Enfold Theme for WordPress, or another theme developed by Kriesi, you’ll want to read this post. Today, around 4pm CST, Wordfence and other WordPress security tools started sending alert messages to site owners using the Enfold theme.  The messages informed them that a […]