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Use the W5 to Communicate Marketing Goals

Communicating Marketing Goals is Tough to Do Picture yourself in a meeting with a marketing agency. It’s that time in the meeting. The one everyone dreads. The one where everyone dances around the topic like desperate kids at prom. “Let’s talk about your goals.” As a long-time marketer, this is usually where my internal monologue […]

Geotargeting Ads for Vague Locations

In digital marketing, we run campaigns with geotargeting for specific areas. It’s easy-as-pie to target places like New York City or a five-mile radius around Dodger Stadium. What becomes more difficult, though, is geotargeting vaguer “places.” Food truck service areas, land formations, and neighborhoods are pretty common requests. How can you make sure that you’re […]

Prepping for Hurricane Harvey

We just completed our hurricane prep checklist. Our equipment and data is secure. As we find ourselves in the path of an approaching hurricane, we want to take a moment to inform you about our proactive measures to ensure everyone’s safety. As a result, we will be temporarily closing our business to prepare for the […]

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Fixing HTML5 Ads That Were Rejected by AdWords

It’s 11:30 p.m. After several last-minute targeting changes, your Google Display Network campaign is almost ready. You’ve set the targeting, and you’ve segmented out everything that needs to be segmented (of which there was a lot). Now all that’s left is uploading the ads so that they will start running at midnight as planned. All […]

How to Create Actionable Marketing Reports

Marketing reporting and analysis can be a real pain, but not to worry. Prior to working as a digital marketer, I was the development reports writer for my university. If you’re not familiar with the Office of Development, you will be one day. That’s the office that does fundraising, and my job within it was […]